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The ECOC is governed by a Council, consisting of four officers and up to five councilors. They are elected annually at the December meeting. Any of them may be contacted with ideas or questions. Currently those people are:

President:  Constance Lapite
Beverly, 978-621-8641,

Vice-president and program chair:

Jane Winchell (Peabody Essex Museum)
The Sarah Fraser Robbins Director, Art & Nature Center
Curator of Natural History
Salem, 978-745-9500 ext. 3127


Dawn Paul
Beverly, 978-927-2903


Buffy Pennick
Marblehead, 508-237-7825 | 


David Brewster

Mary Todd (Toddy) Glaser
Salem, 978-745-8049

Jim McCoy, councilor ex officio
Melrose, 978-578-7076 

John Nelson
Gloucester, 978-283-6128

Ava Steenstrup
Ipswich, 978-587-7761



Phil Brown