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Essex County Ornithological Club Members Outings

Sunday, May 7, 8am

ECOC Clubhouse Event: Bird Banding at Joppa Flats*
Location: meet at “the Warden’s” parking lot on Plum Island Natl. Wildlife Refuge (south of lot #3)
Age range: recommended for ages 8 and up
Fee: $10 adult; $15 adult with accompanying youth (up to 18)

Skilled volunteer bird-banders manage a research station on Plum Island during spring and fall migration. This event is a rare opportunity to observe the physical adaptations of birds up close and learn about the mechanisms, strategies, and geography of migration from people working in the field.

* Note: limited to 20 people. RSVP to Constance Lapite (978-621-8641 |

Monday, May 15th, 5-8 pm
Supper and Birding at Sissy Ffolliott’s Lucky Dog Farm (directions below)
5-6 pm – bird Lucky Dog Farm and adjoining Essex County Greenbelt properties
6-7:30 – brown bag supper in the farmhouse

Enjoy some spring birding and a BYO sandwich or ”take out” with other club members in Sissy’s lovely farmhouse. The traditional bird-shaped cakes plus coffee/teas will be served in loving memory of Dotty Brown and Sarah Robbins who graciously hosted the club each May in Gloucester for over 20 years!

Directions to Lucky Dog Farm (19 Old Right Road, Ipswich, MA):

From Rte. 1 driving N: Turn left onto Old Right Rd., across from First Fabricators (note: road not well marked). Proceed on Old Right Rd for about 6/10th of a mile until you see a rail fence, a red barn and white house with an old maple tree. Park along the frontage from the rail fence and past the house along the Norway Spruces to the field gate. Some cars can pull in front of the barn, too.

From the Rte. 1 driving S: Turn right onto Old Right Rd. across from First Fabricators. Proceed as above.

Saturday, May 20, early morning (start time TBD)
Ipswich River Canoe Trip and Bird Survey
Event Coordinator: Dave Brewster ( [preferred contact] | 978-317-0230 c)

Participate in the 111th ECOC birding trip down the Ipswich River! Arguably the oldest uninterrupted bird-count in the world, this event is timed to get the best views of birds before full leaf-out, but late enough in the season to get better weather for paddling. Contact Dave for trip start time and other details.

Sunday, May 21, 6:30 am to 10:00 am
Eastern Point, Gloucester. Morning.

Walk leader: John Nelson (978-283-6128 |

We will walk for 3 or 4 hours in the Eastern Point area of Gloucester, mostly on pavement but partly on woodland paths and a field that may be wet. Co-sponsored by the Brookline Bird Club.

Meeting Location: Mass Audubon parking lot by the lighthouse at the end of Eastern Point Blvd. Don't be deterred by the "Residents Only" sign; the parking lot is open to the public and free until Memorial Day.

Thursday, June 1, 6:15 pm to 9:00 pm
Crane Beach, Ipswich. Evening. Birding 101
(suitable for beginners)

Walk Leaders: Jim Berry (978) 356-5505 ~ &
John Nelson (978)-283-6128 ~

This two-mile walk in the sand is aimed at nesting Piping Plovers, Least Terns, and Bank Swallows as well as evening singers such as Whip-poor-wills. Be prepared for mosquitoes at sunset. Co-sponsored by the Brookline Bird Club.

Meeting Location: Outside the gate to the Crane Beach parking lot at the end of Argilla Road.