101st Ipswich River Bird Survey

May 12, 2007

A spectacular day with temps in the high 50′- low 60’s found 17 Club members paddling down the Ipswich River from the Rte 97 bridge to the Ipswich – Topsfield town line on Ipswich Road. A huge thank you goes out to Jim & Stina MacDougall for treating the attending Club members to 
brunch and Bluebirds with a smattering of Hummingbirds at their lovely home. 
Scroll down the page for a few photos from the day and the list of birds seen.

The days participants included:

Jim Berry, stenographerCarol JohnsonJohn Parkhurst
Phil BrownRandy JohnsonDawn Paul
Tim BrownJim MacDougallBill Pivacek
Gabriel BuchsbaumNoel MannLinda Pivacek
Robert BuchsbaumMarilyn McCroryDaan Sandee
Emily HandlerSue McGrathJaney Winchell
1Common Loon2Broad-winged Hawk
2Double-crested Cormorant2Red-tailed Hawk
1Great Blue Heron1Greater Yellowlegs
8Great Egret21Solitary Sandpiper (everywhere!)
50Glossy Ibis 
(no doubt a record for the canoe trip)
6Spotted Sandpiper
3Turkey Vulture (2 on riverbank 
that allowed very close approach)
7Peep sp. (prob. least)
XCanada Goose (observed, not counted)7Mourning Dove
8Wood Duck (4 pr.)1Yellow-billed Cuckoo (heard 
near IRWS canoe landing)
XMallard12+Chimney Swift
1Blue-winged Teal1Ruby-throated Hummingbird 
(MacDougall’s feeder)
1Cooper’s Hawk  
1Belted Kingfisher23Warbling Vireo
2Red-bellied Woodpecker2Red-eyed Vireo
4Downy WoodpeckerXBlue Jay
2Northern FlickerXAmerican Crow
1Pileated WoodpeckerXTree Swallow
1Least FlycatcherXBarn Swallow
1Eastern PhoebeXBlack-capped Chickadee
12Great-crested FlycatcherXTufted Titmouse
12Eastern Kingbird10White-breasted Nuthatch – (nest found)
6Yellow-throated Vireo2House Wren
18Blue-gray Gnatcatcher – (nest found)5Northern Parula
2Eastern Bluebird 
(nesting in box at MacDougall’s)
23Yellow Warbler
1Veery1Chestnut-sided Warbler
8Hermit Thrush1Magnolia Warbler
1Wood Thrush3Black-throated Blue Warbler
XAmerican Robin3Yellow-rumped Warbler
XGray Catbird2Black-throated Green Warbler
2Northern Mockingbird1Pine Warbler
XEuropean Starling1Prairie Warbler
1Blue-winged Warbler – (at takeout)1Blackpoll Warbler
2Nashville Warbler5Black-and-white Warbler
2American Redstart2Rose-breasted Grosbeak
1Ovenbird1Indigo Bunting – (at takeout)
2Northern WaterthrushXRed-winged Blackbird – (est. 200+)
10Common Yellowthroat
(very low–due to early date?)
XCommon Grackle – (est. 100+)
1Scarlet Tanager7Brown-headed Cowbird
1Eastern Towhee1Orchard Oriole – (immature male)
2Chipping Sparrow39Baltimore Oriole
7Song Sparrow2House Finch
2White-throated SparrowXAmerican Goldfinch
9Northern CardinalXHouse Sparrow

From Jim MacDougall: Best bird: 2 Turkey Vultures feeding at the water’s edge on something very dead.

Or maybe the 20 Solitary Sandpipers, or maybe the 50+ Glossy Ibis, or maybe the 6 Yellow-throated Vireos, or maybe…