102nd Ipswich River Bird Survey

May 24, 2008

A spectacular day with temps in the mid 60’s found 12 Club members paddling down the Ipswich River from the Rte 97 bridge to the Ipswich – Topsfield town line on Ipswich Road. The bird of the day was a spectacular male Prothonotary Warbler calling frequently and going in and out of a nest cavity in a dead snag over the river! Scroll down the page for a few photos from the day and the list of birds seen.

The days participants included:

Phil BrownJanine GravesJim MacDougall
Tim BrownJohn FiskeSue McGrath
Robert BuchsbaumDiana FrugugliettiJaney Winchell – trip scribe
Bill GravesPaul Ippolito

Tyler Winchell

Combined totals from May 15 & 24, 2008

XCanada Goose1Killdeer
10Wood Duck7Spotted Sandpiper
2Mallard32Solitary Sandpiper
3Blue-winged Teal1Least Sandpiper
2Double-crested Cormorant1Herring Gull
9Great Blue Heron1Virginia Rail
8Great Egret1Sora
1Snowy Egret1Rock Pigeon
2Glossy Ibis9Mourning Dove
2Broad-winged Hawk1Yellow-billed Cuckoo
3Red-tailed Hawk1Black-billed Cuckoo
1Great Horned Owl3Eastern Wood-Pewee
2Barred Owl2Willow Flycatcher
1Common Nighthawk9Eastern Phoebe
12Chimney Swift34Great Crested Flycatcher
1Ruby-throated HummingbirdXEastern Kingbird
1Belted Kingfisher8Yellow-throated Vireo
8Red-bellied WoodpeckerXWarbling Vireo
2Downy Woodpecker4Red-eyed Vireo
12Hairy Woodpecker19Blue Jay
3Northern Flicker18American Crow
XTree Swallow13Wood Thrush
19Barn SwallowXAmerican Robin
16Black-capped ChickadeeXGray Catbird
36Tufted Titmouse10Cedar Waxwing
8White-breasted Nuthatch2Blue-winged Warbler
1House Wren2Northern Parula
5Marsh WrenXYellow Warbler
XBlue-gray Gnatcatcher1Chestnut-sided Warbler
3Eastern Bluebird1Yellow-rumped Warbler
4Veery1Black-throated Green Warbler
1Hermit Thrush1Blackburnian Warbler
3Pine Warbler1Swamp Sparrow
1Blackpoll Warbler17 Northern Cardinal
2Black-and-white Warbler22Rose-breasted Grosbeak
2American Redstart1Indigo Bunting
1Prothonotary WarblerXRed-winged Blackbird
5OvenbirdXCommon Grackle
3Northern Waterthrush6Brown-headed Cowbird
1Mourning Warbler1Orchard Oriole
XCommon YellowthroatX Baltimore Oriole
15Scarlet TanagerXHouse Finch
2Chipping SparrowXAmerican Goldfinch
XSong SparrowXHouse Sparrow

7 additional species (included in the list above) were seen during a scouting trip, performed on a different portion of the river, May 15, 2008 by Jim Berry, Jim MacDougall & Randy Johnson.

1Least Sandpiper1 Chestnut-sided Warbler
1Rock Pigeon1 Yellow-rumped Warbler (myrtle)
1Belted Kingfisher 1Mourning Warbler
6Wood Thrush