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Raptor ID – Available in the App Store and Google Play.
by Jerry Liguori and Brian Sullivan. Developed by HawkWatch International in partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

The first raptor identification app designed for mobile devices; “HawkWatch International’s Identification Guide to Raptors” puts expert hawk identification content in the palm of your hand. In this guide to North America’s 34 species of diurnal raptors, you’ll find nearly 1000 annotated photos, and cutting edge identification video for each species, geared toward helping you identify raptors in flight. Includes vocalizations. If you’re just getting started with birding, this app covers the basics; if you’re already an expert hawk watcher, this app covers all the variation that can lead to identification confusion, even among the most seasoned birders.


Hawks on the Wing
By Josh Haas. (2017)

A video guide to identifying Eastern North American Hawks using flight ID instead of field marks. This video is focused on teaching birders how to identify hawks in flight, especially at any number of hawk watch sites around Eastern North America. What sets this video apart is the unique feature allowing birders to see two hawk species flying side by side while audio commentary makes learning faster and easier. 16 Eastern North American Hawks are included along with 28 side-by-side comparison videos.