The Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch (EMHW)

  • Organizes regular hawk watches each fall and spring
  • Publishes an annual newsletter
  • Publishes seasonal reports on the hawks we saw migrating
  • Holds an annual meeting each September that brings leading hawk authorities to Massachusetts
  • Promotes education regarding hawk identification and issues related to migrating hawks with publications, classes and watches
  • Enhances appreciation for hawks in general, as well as for population trends by species and raptor conservation from a local to an international level


We have approximately 200 dues-paying members around the country, primarily in eastern Massachusetts.

We hope you'll join the club, but even more important, we hope you will participate in our hawk watches and start reporting your data to EMHW and an international database on hawk migration.

To join EMHW, click here.

Annual Meeting

An annual meeting, usually in September on the first Friday after Labor Day, enables us to bring in a nationally known speaker to talk to us about hawks. We also have exhibits, video presentations, other short presentations at the meeting, and the opportunity to hear and talk more about what is going on in the hawk world.

Hawk Watches

We also organize hawk watches each fall and spring at several regular sites and encourage people to go to those sites or cover other sites of their own choosing as often as possible. We seek volunteers to hawk watch this fall. You don't have to be an identification "expert" to participate. The best way to learn to identify hawks is to look for them as often as possible during migration. We need volunteers to hawkwatch from well known sites such as Wachusett Mountain, Mt. Watatic, and Barre Falls, especially on weekdays, or from any location you'd like to cover, including your own back yard. Email for more information.

Reporting the volume of migrating hawks is more important than identifying them all by species. For more information on participating in a hawkwatch or on submitting reports of what you see, browse the links on this page or contact EMHW at .

Seasonal Reports & Newsletters

We publish substantial reports on each spring and fall migration. We publish the seasonal report for the preceding year just before the same season a year later, i.e., the Fall 2001 report was published in August 2002.

Members receive one club newsletter and one seasonal report each year, as part of their membership dues. For that reason, we do not post either the newsletters or reports on the web site. (Go to the data link to see a summary of hawk counts through Eastern Massachusetts since 1976.)

Printed copies of individual reports or newsletter, or reports and newsletters for previous years, can be ordered by sending your request along with your name, address, and check made out to EMHW, PO Box 663, Newburyport, MA 01950. Each report or newsletter is $3.00, including postage.

Eastern Massachusetts Hawk Watch, 2016
To contact EMHW, email
EMHW, PO Box 663, Newburyport, MA 01950
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