Code of Conduct

The Eastern Mass Hawk Watch (EMHW) Code of Conduct applies to all interactions between members of EMHW, participants at our hawk watch sites, and attendees at our meetings.  

  1. Always be respectful of one another. All interactions at any EMHW site or event should be free of disrespectful or discriminatory language or action concerning race, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, nationality, disability, or birding skill.  Respect the rights and safety of all people at all times.  Comply with all health and safety guidelines during in-person events.
  2. Aspire to promote the club and hawkwatching. In the field, at an event, or when participating in the birding community, EMHW’s members serve as ambassadors of the club and to the field of hawkwatching in general. Promote the values of education, conservation and inclusion.
  3. Practice ethical birding. Become familiar with the standards of birding ethics and promote the conservation of birds and their environment through ethical practices. Minimize negative impacts on birds and their habitat.    
  4. Respect hawk watch site properties.  All formal EMHW watches are currently conducted on state- or federally-managed public lands.  Follow all published regulations when using these properties.  

EMHW members, participants, and event attendees are asked to report violations if they encounter them. Please email EMHW Club Officers at with the details of the observed violation. All emails will be treated as confidential. 

The EMHW Club Officers are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Code of Conduct and addressing violations with disciplinary action. These actions can include, but are not limited to, verbal warnings, revocation of membership, and barring individuals from watches and events.

Posted June 2021 by Brian Rusnica, President, EMHW