How Do I Report Hawk Sightings?

Daily Report Form

The hawkwatch Daily Report Form (DRF) used by hawkwatchers throughout North America is available in two versions, one for Excel and one in PDF format, which can be read and printed by software called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you have Excel-compatible software on your computer (such as Microsoft Works), you can use the Excel version (58K file). The Excel version offers the added advantage of allowing you to submit your report forms electronically, either on disk or preferably as an email attachment. This allows us to incorporate your data directly into our overall database without having to reenter your numbers from a printed form.

If you do not have Excel-compatible software, you can use the 4 page PDF version Pg-1 Instructions for Recording and Reporting Hawk Count Data - Pg-2 Definitions for Data Forms - Pg-3 Field Recording Sheet - Pg-4 HMANA Daily Report Form. PDF files are a widely used format that can be read and printed out using free software called Adobe Acrobat. (For example, the IRS and many other government agencies make their forms available in PDF for download at their sites.) Visit the Adobe Acrobat web site, where you can download the software for free. Installation is simple, and the Adobe site provides instructions.

DRF Instructions

The report form instructions are contained in 2 simple text files you can download and read with any word-processing software. They provide explanations for the reporting codes and information on how to submit your forms to EMHW. Pg-1 Instructions for Recording and Reporting Hawk Count Data  - Pg. 2 - Definitions For Data Forms

Fill in your report as soon as possible and send it to Paul Roberts, 254 Arlington St., Medford, 02155 or email it to Paul at  If you are using Excel, it would be greatly appreciated if you would send your reports in as Excel files, preferably as an email attachment, so they can be directly incorporated into our data base.

Please note: Submitting a DRF of your observations, no matter how few birds you saw, means your information will contribute to the continent-wide data base and will be available to researchers. There is still so much to be learned about hawk migration, every scrap of information adds to our knowledge of the birds' movements through our area. The form only takes a couple of minutes to fill out, and isn't as hard as it may look.

If you don't report your sightings on a DRF, you may have had a personally enjoyable experience, but you will not have contributed to the study and preservation of these wonderful birds.

The Next Steps

If you have a large count or any unusual species during a spring or fall flight, call 781-483-4263 and leave a message as to what you saw (count by species), where and when (date & time of day). Please provide your name and a phone number where we can reach you if you have not reported previously this season. You can also post your observations to the  MASSBIRD and/or BIRDHAWK Internet mailing lists. (See information on these lists below). You have to register as a member at these sites (free) in order to be able to post to them.

You can also post your observations to the MASSBIRD and/or BIRDHAWK Internet mailing lists. (See information on these lists below). You have to register as a member at these sites (free) in order to be able to post to them.

Migration-Related Internet Mailing Lists

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Massbird is the comprehensive birding-related mailing list for Eastern Massachusetts. Many general birders are interested in hawk migration, but do not subscribe to the lists that focus exclusively on hawks. If you are a subscriber, cc. your HAWKNET emails to this list.

Birdhawk, maintained by the Hawk Migration Association of North America, could be described as the inverse of MASSBIRD. This list carries daily hawk migration counts from many hawkwatch sites all over the country. You can also view daily, monthly and seasonal counts of hawks for many HMANA hawk watches by visiting HawkCount

EMHW will post daily count totals from Wachusett Mountain, Mt. Watatic and one or two other selected sites for which we may have significant information to all three lists above.

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